International Independent Accreditation Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does listing cost?

Generally there is no cost for organisations that are listed because commercial arrangements are made by the accredited third parties who upload the registrant’s details.

How does an individual get listed?

One gets listed because the organisation that issued their certificate is accredited by a body that has an arrangement with iIAF to do so. If your certificate was not issued by one of these organisations then special registration may be possible. Use the application for listing form. [Link]

How does a Training Institute get listed?

They have to be accredited as a training institute for the delivery of specific courses. It is they who list the student details at our web site and pay the listing fee on behalf of the registrant.

Who are the Accreditation Bodies?

These are listed in the LINKS page.

Who are the Certification Bodies?

These are listed by the accreditation bodies in the LINKS page.

Who are the accredited Training Institutes?

These are listed by the accreditation bodies in the LINKS page.

Why do some have ‘Profiles’ and some not?

The Profiles were an innovation introduced in 2008 and because of logistical reasons it has not been possible to take retrospective action. However we are endeavouring to address this.

Is there an expiry date for listing?

Currently the only listings available are for Personnel. Generally speaking there is no expiry date unless the registration is related to an issue requiring the demonstration of Continuing Professional Development such as management system auditors.

Are there other search engines?

Yes, but many third party registrars require closed questions so the enquirer has to ask for a specific registration number. This does not assist HR Managers wishing to verify qualifications of an individual or purchasers who would be using open questions to look for certificated suppliers of their particular products.

I don’t want my details published, they are private?

Students should have been asked if they mind their name and address being published. If there is a need to restrict visibility or blank it entirely this should be arranged with the training Institute that created the registration in the first instance. If they are unable to do it then corrections can be made by iIAF staff but for a small administration fee.